ISBI Center Rules

  • NO Food/Meals inside ISBI Center. Snacks are ok and ONLY in breakroom/kitchenette
  • Drinks with a non-spillable cap. (That includes coffee cups/mugs; drinks must have cap/lids).
  • No one under 16 is allowed in ISBI Center without parental supervision or express permission. 
  • Please do not prop open the doors inside or outside the buildings.
  • Please be respectful of and polite to others around you. 
  • Please respect and maintain all furniture, desks, shared areas, and bathrooms.
  • We do not permit downloading or sending of inappropriate or illegal pictures, videos, or files that contain pornographic, graphic, or obscene materials that may offend those around you. Please be mindful of downloads containing trademarked copyright images, etc.
  • ISBI Center WILL NOT tolerate harassment, threats of any kind to employees or anyone located within the ISBI Center. If you are using the ISBI Center to commit wire fraud, i.e., identity fraud-theft, etc., ISBI Ctr will assist and cooperate with authorities, etc.,